Decontamination of Empty Barrels & Carboys (As per the Rule 9 of Hazardous and other Wastes (M & TM) Gpcb Rules, 2016.) etc..

It contain few parts

  • Pre treatment
  • Denting /Reconditioning
  • Washing
  • De-contamination
  • Drying/inspection & dispatch


We collect the raw materials from various industries units and vehicles which are registered under the “Board of Hazardous” waste materials.


We have pre-requisite shed where we have all the raw hazardous materials are stored, the storage is done in storage tanks.


Recycling and Decontamination is done under the guidelines of “SPCB/GPCB” and “CPCB”.

Hazardous Waste Management

The hazardous waste material generated from the refinning, recycling and de-contamination is treated and incinated as per “GPCB” and “CPCB” guidelines. The ASH generated is disposed of to “TSDF” side of “Naroda Enviro Project Limited”(NEPL) sited”,”Nandesari Environment Control Limited (NECL)”.